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Long Trip with no Money

As part of campaign for Airbnb, film maker Leon Stuparich traveled 322 kilometers from London to Glastonbury on foot, completely relying on the kindness of strangers. He said that he wanted to test whether kindness and love was enough to survive in 21st century Britain.

His group’s experience was that if you meet somebody with a smile and you take time to understand that person’s story as well, then people will come forward and they will naturally be kind. They automatically turn around and say, ‘Well, what can we do for you? What can we offer?’

People made his group tea, brought the people leftover rice and one time, even gave them keys to their apartment. Stuparich said that it was probably the most drastic night when they did not know where they were going to stay and one in the group was really sick. It was that night that they were screening the film ‘Road to Peace’ in an arts center that someone said, ‘Here are the keys. Let yourself come and go as you please!’

Difficult words: Airbnb (a website that helps people find homes to rent for vacations), rely (depend upon), turn around (change how you feel suddenly), drastic (extreme), screen (to show a film).

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