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Superhero Window Cleaners in Brazil

In Sao Paulo, Brazil, superhero window cleaners visited a children’s hospital to make some sick patients happy, and they did this by rappelling outside the building and stopping at the windows so the children could see them.

The window cleaners made themselves become everyday heroes by donning costumes such as the Flash, Batman, Iron Man, Spider Man, and Super Man.

The people in charge of the hospital came up with the idea to do this to commemorate Children’s Day which Brazil celebrates on October 12.

Usually, parents give their children presents on this day, but hospital staff wanted to do something more. For the window cleaners and superheroes, it was all in a day´s work!

Difficult words: rappel (climb down from the top of something by sliding along a rope), don (wear), commemorate (celebrate), all in a day’s work (something someone does normally).

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